Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 70: Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! We didn't have a white Thanksgiving this year! Yay! It's been cold here but hasn't snowed yet, know on wood haha. We had 2 meal appointments, one with the Houston's and one with the Hall's. Great people and food at both! We also visited the Norris' and Sis. Cayia. We shared something from Pres. Monson's talk "The Divine Gift of Gratitude" with members. It's Matthew 15:32-38. In the section, Christ is feeding the 4000 and this is right after He feeds the 5000. Christ asks his disciples how much food they have and the disciples said that they only had 7 loaves and a few fishes. They focused on what they didn't have. But Christ gave thanks for what they did have and a miracles was able to occur! They even had 7 full baskets leftover! I feel like we focus a lot on what we don't have. But I know that miracles can happen as we follow Christ's example and give thanks for what the Lord has already blessed us with.
This week we went on exchanges with the South Royalton sisters. I stayed in Montpelier with Sis. Innes and we had a great exchange! She served in Montpelier about 6 months ago so she helped me a lot with ward members and investigators, so that was very helpful!
On Friday evening we went to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial for the live Nativity! It was so good! And the Christmas lights are so beautiful!
So last week we went to contact a less active, Bro. Piko. We buzzed his apartment, but there was no answer so we turned around and started walking. Then there was this guy walking towards us and he stopped us and asked if we were from the Mormon church. Turns out it was Bro. Piko! Hand of the Lord! He said that he wants to come back to church! And we gave him a Book of Mormon! So on Saturday we stopped by to see him and we were able to have a lesson with him! He's been reading the Book of Mormon and he loves it! Then this morning we got a call from another less active, Bro. Prevost. He left a message and said that he's friends with Bro. Piko and he wants us to meet with him! Yay more less actives we can help bring back to church!
Yesterday morning after I finished my morning prayers I walked over to the bathroom and I saw Sis. Harward just standing there looking at an upside down garbage can. She looked at me and said, "I just trapped a mouse!" Sis. Harward did all the dirty work, I was too chicken haha! She put some gloves on, got some cardboard to slide under the trashcan and we let him run away outside. Hopefully we don't see any more mice!
This week our zone is studying diligence! We're reading "Your Four Minutes" Bishop Gary E. Stephenson, April 2014 General Conference; "Finishers Wanted" President Thomas S. Monson, April 1972 General Conference; Hymn #252 "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel"; and 1 Nephi 4. I learned a great lesson on humility last week. I learned that when we are humble enough to do God's will then he can guide us by the Holy Ghost. I'm excited to study diligence and become a more diligent missionary!
I'm sure you've all seen the new Christmas video that the church put out, but if you haven't definitely check it out! It's awesome! And make sure to share it on social media!
I hope you all are doing well and have a great week! Love you!
Love, Sister Harper
Sis. Harward and I at the JSM
Inline image 1
The JSM! There are a lot more lights too, just couldn't get them all in one picture!
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