Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 56: Transfer 10 and Companion 8!

Well, we got the call, and Sis. McVey is getting transferred. :(
She's opening a new area and training a new missionary! I'm staying in
Canterbury and I'll be receiving a new sister training leader! I'm sad
that Sis. McVey's leaving, but we knew we wouldn't stay together very
long because we got along way to well haha! So I'll get my new
companion tomorrow and let you know who she is next week!

We had a super good week this week! In my email last week I told you
about our new investigators, Nick and Krystal, and that we went to the
temple! So awesome! Then Wednesday-Thursday we had exchanges with the
Manchester sisters. I got to go to Manchester and it was awesome! It
was super weird being in my old area and old apartment. But I got to
see some members from Manchester, so that was super fun!

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