Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 58: God is Real!

Oh my goodness this week has been crazy good! Tuesday we had MLC
(mission leadership conferences) and it was so good! We learned a lot
about about charity and the Book of Mormon. Here's some cool notes
from the meeting!

-if you're struggling with anything with anything in the gospel, read
the Book of Mormon and you will find your answers
-to pray sincerely and with real intent means that you intend to act
on the answer you receive
-Christlike attributes are developed as you use your agency
righteously and the Book of Mormon helps us to use our agency
-faith in universal, hope is individual
-revelation--the scriptures tell you and the Holy Ghost will show you
-you will not go less active if you read the Book of Mormon everyday

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Crystal! The spirit was
so strong and she agreed to be baptized! Nick didn't join us for the
lesson, but Crystal said that he's been reading the Book of Mormon and
praying! That's huge because when we first met him he said that he
didn't have a solid belief in God, and now his faith in God is growing
because he's reading and praying!

On Saturday we met with Bro. Couture and he's doing great! He really
wants to go to the temple and he met with Bishop yesterday! We had a
really good discussion on how the gospel brings a positive change in
our live and it's so true!

Yesterday we had dinner with a member, Sis. Hutchinson, and she
invited her nonmember uncle and his wife over. They're not super
religious and don't really believe in God, but she really wanted to
share the gospel with them. We felt inspired to share a message about
the Book of Mormon. We all testified a lot and the spirit was very
strong. But then Sis. Hutchinson asked her uncle what his belief in
Christ was and he thinks that Christ was just an ordinary man. Oh my
goodness my heart broke when I heard that! But I know that Christ was
not just an ordinary man. He is the Son of God and he is the Savior
and Redeemer of the world. God is our Father in Heaven. He is a
perfect and loving God. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have become
so much more real to me as I've prayerfully studied the Book of
Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that all who read,
ponder and pray about its sacred message will come closer to Jesus
Christ. The gospel is true and it is glorious! I love the Lord and it
is the greatest honor and privilege to serve Him and be a
representative of Jesus Christ!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you!
Love, Sister Harper

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