Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 62: Conference, Baptism, No Transfer Call!!!

Wow what a great week it has been! And what a wonderful Conference we
had! I love General Conference, but oh my goodness I was so exhausted
afterwards! I loved the central theme of discipleship and repentance.
And we have 3 new apostles! They are going to be wonderful and I loved
their testimonies! I felt the spirit so strong when they were walking
down to take their place with the quorum. I know that they, and all
the others leaders of the church, and called of God and they will help
to lead and guide us in righteousness.

Okay so I've got some pretty exciting things to tell you about! First
is Nick and Crystal are getting baptized on November
1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're super excited and we' re excited for them!
Their faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has grown so much!
They have such a sincere desire to change and to be baptized! I love
them so much! We asked Crystal about her testimony of the Book of
Mormon and she said that it brings so much joy into her life! It was
so cool to hear that! The Book of Mormon and the gospel of Jesus
Christ truly being so much joy! It is the only way to true and lasting

Another cool thing! We had exchanges with the Bedford sisters and I
was in Canterbury with Sis. Lee. We were together all day Thursday and
none of our appointments fell through! It was so awesome! We met with
a lot of less active members and had really good lessons with them! We
taught the stop smoking program to one sister and she's so excited! We
saw Sis. Brignano and Sis. Ryder! They're both so great and Sis. Ryder
is the sassiest lady ever! I love her!

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