Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 51: I'm Back in New Hampshire!!!

How is everyone doing? I hope you're all enjoying your summer!Transfers were this past Tuesday and I am back in New Hampshire! I'mserving in the Canterbury ward. We live in a little town calledPenacook and it's right next to Concord. My companion is Sis. McVeyand she's from California (my first companion that's not from Utah orIdaho!) and she's been out for 10 months. We have a mission wide jokethat some missionaries get stuck in the "Maine trap" where they spendall or most of their mission in Maine. I'm kinda doing the oppositesince I've spent most of my mission in New Hampshire. I'm in the NewHampshire trap haha! New Hampshire's awesome and it's good to be back,even though I do kinda miss Maine. But the cool thing is that we'll beable to go to the temple since we're a lot closer! I haven't been in10 months and I miss it so much! Sis. McVey and I are planning ongoing sometime in August!
This week we've been trying to see a lot of members so I can get toknow the ward. We saw a lot of less actives. We taught the Restorationto the Kennisons and it was awesome! We also saw Sis. Ryder and she isthe cutest, funniest, and sassiest elderly lady ever! We sang somehymns and read part of the Book of Mormon. We also met with theBrouillard family. Bro. and Sis. Brouillard are coming back to churchand Sis. McVey said that Sis. Brouillard makes the best homemadewhoopie pies ever! I'm super excited to try them! The older Brouillardkids, Owen (11) and Cole (9) just got baptized in May! They're a superawesome family and they have us over for dinner every week! We metwith Sis. Levan who also just got baptized in May! She's super cuteand we had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation with her!
So Sis. McVey and I are serving as Sister Training Leaders, which arekinda like zone leaders. We're over the sisters in the Concord Northand Concord South zones. We go on exchanges with them and we alsopresent trainings at meetings, like zone interviews and zoneconferences. On Wednesday this week we're having zone meeting. So fromTuesday to Wednesday, I'm going to be in a trio with the Hanoversisters, and Sis. McVey is going to be in a trio with the Concordsisters. That way we can attend and present trainings at both zonemeetings. I'm super excited to be able to go back to Hanover for aday! That'll be so weird going back to my first area! I'm kindafreaking out about doing my first training by myself and so early onin the transfer. But we've been doing a ton off prep so hopefullyit'll go great!
We had a super sweet miracle! We were out contacting a potentialinvestigator, but she didn't live there anymore. We talked to theperson who did live there, Hailey, but she said she wasn't interested.Then Sis. McVey asked if she knew anyone who had a recent death intheir family (a good way to receive referrals and find newinvestigators is to ask questions like "do you know of anyone who hashad a recent birth or death in the family, or someone who has justmoved into a new home?") Hailey started crying and said that hergrandpa passed away about 2 months ago. We told her that we teachabout the Plan of Salvation, which is a message about hope and eternalfamilies. She said that we could come back and we have a returnappointment with her! Yay!
Also super cool thing! Now that we have our iPads, we're able to checkemail throughout the week, but only respond on Mondays. So feel freeto email me whenever! We can also use iMessage! So for those of whowho have iPhones or iPads you can message me on Monday mornings!
I hope you're all doing well and have a super great week! Have a happyPioneer Day on Friday! Love you all!Love, Sister Harper

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