Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 61: T Minus 5 Days Until General Conference!

Hello everyone!
Oh my goodness! The leaves are starting to change! Fall is coming! I
love fall in New England! And General Conference is this weekend! I'm
so excited! It's so sad that we've lost 3 apostles since last General
Conference. Pres. Packer, Elder Perry, and Elder Scott were such great
men and faithful apostles of the Lord. I've learned so much from all
of them and they have strengthened my testimony a lot over the years.
I'm excited to find out who the new apostles are this weekend!

This week we went on exchange with the Concord sisters, Sis. Farrally
and Sis. Lewis. I was in Concord with Sis. Farrally and we had a great
exchange together! I love the Concord sisters, they're so cute!

We did a lot of service this week! We helped Bro. MacAllen stack wood
and our district  helped some people move. I love doing service, it's
so much fun!

Saturday night was the Women's Broadcast and it was super good! Here's
some of my favorites from it!
-if you ever question your divinity, pray and ask
-one of the sweetest messages the spirit will relay is how the Lord
feels about you
-I am a child of God, therefore what?
-this life is the time to prepare to meet God, not to receive all of
our blessings
- if we understood the depth of God's love for us we would be willing
to do anything
-repent everyday!
-faith gives you the hope to live joyfully now

I'm so excited for General Conference this weekend! Conference is a
great time to receive answers to your questions. This week,
prayerfully ask to receive personal revelation during Conference, and
I know that you will be taught  by the Holy Ghost.

Yesterday we and the Elders taught a fireside for the youth in our
ward and it was really good! Sis. Davis and I taught the stops of
repentance. Repentance is such an amazing gift! We have the
opportunity to change and improve because of the Atonement of Jesus
Christ! There's and article on about repentance and it
gives a few steps about how to repent and it's awesome!
1) remember that the invitation to repent is an expression of love
2) repentance means striving to change
3) repentance means not only abandoning sin but committing to obedience
4) repentance requires a seriousness of purpose and a willingness to
persevere, even through pain
5) whatever the cost of repentance, it is swallowed up in the joy of

Also, the Brouillard's and Nick and Crystal are having some family
struggles right now, so please keep them in your prayers. Nick and
Crystal sent us this text this week, "we both prayed about keeping our
faith through all this. The worse it gets, the stronger our bond with
our Heavenly Father." Oh my gosh they're so awesome!

Oh and transfer calls are this week... I really want to stay here so I
can be with Sis. Davis and keep teaching Nick and Crystal! I hope you
all have a wonderful week! I love you!
Love, Sister Harper

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