Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prepare Now

In Matthew 25 Christ gives three parables to prepare for the Second Coming. I am going to focus on the first one, which is the parable of the ten virgins. There are ten virgins that are preparing to meet the bridegroom at a wedding. The bridegroom represents Christ and the ten virgins represent all of us. Five of the virgins were prepared with oil in their lamps, and the other five did not have enough oil. The five that were unprepared asked for the others to spare some oil, but they did not receive any. They went to buy some oil, but by the time they got back the rest of the group had left for the wedding. The unprepared virgins knocked on the door and asked to be let in, but the Lord answered, “I know you not.” This can also be interpreted as “ye know me not.” They were not let into his presence.

The oil in this parable represents our testimonies or level of conversion. Those that have strong testimonies, are fully converted and active in the gospel will be more prepared to meet Christ at the Second Coming. Those that are unprepared will not be able to borrow someone else’s testimony. They must become converted for themselves.

We do not know when the Second Coming will be. It may be tomorrow, it may be after we die. Either way, we need to prepare ourselves now to meet the Savior. This means doing whatever it takes to gain a strong testimony and to be fully converted to the gospel. We must prepare ourselves well and become true disciples of Christ. Get to know Christ now. Learn of Him and His teachings from the scriptures. Pray to Him daily. Establish a relationship with Him. And then when we finally meet the Savior He will say, “I know you,” and we will be able to enter His presence. 

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