Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Give What You Can

In John 12 Mary, the sister of Lazarus, anointed Christ’s feet with very expensive oil. Judas Iscariot was upset that Mary wasted that oil. He thought it should have been sold and the money given to the poor. Judas explained his frustration to Christ, but Christ said to leave her alone. Mary gave what she had to Christ and he knew what a sacrifice it was for her. He accepted her offering gratefully and without asking what else she could have done with the money.

 Many people who are not members of the LDS church criticize our motives for building temples. They think that we should take that money and give it to the poor. Well, we have lots of humanitarian and welfare services in the church that help the poor and the needy. But the temples are to help the poor in spirit. Yes, temples are very expensive, but that is because it is the Lord’s house. We want to make sure that it is the best we can offer, and we will spare no expense to do that.

Members of the church are asked to give 10% of their annual income to the church as their tithing donations. These funds are used to do many things in the church, including to build temples. The tithing that I pay is very small in comparison to the cost of building a temple. But I give what I can, and my offering is still accepted.

When we go to the temple, we are filled with the Spirit of the Lord. We go there to learn, to be inspired, and to receive answers to prayers. It truly helps to strengthen and support the poor in spirit. I can testify that it is the house of the Lord. I can feel His spirit and His blessings every time I go. So please give what you can to help build and run these beautiful temples. Your offering is enough and will be accepted.

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