Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 20: Goodbye West Hanover

Hi everyone!
So we got transfer calls on Saturday night, and they're taking the sisters out of the Hanover ward, so Sis. Keown and I are getting transferred tomorrow. I'm really sad to leave my first area, but I'm also really excited for a new area! And I'm sad to leave Sis. Keown. :( One transfer together was not enough! But we had a great time together and we worked really hard! I'll find out tomorrow where I'm going, but they did tell me that I'm going somewhere really cold. Yay. Sis. Keown thinks I'm going to northern Maine, but we'll see what happens! And I'm also going to be serving as senior companion! Which really doesn't mean anything, except that I get to drive haha. So I'll let you all know next week where I end up and who my new companion is! 

Remember how last week I talked a lot about following spiritual promptings? Well I had an experience where I didn't follow a prompting and there were some not fun consequences. We were walking away from the car to go to emails at the Dartmouth library last week, and I didn't bring our phone with us, but then I had this thought that we should go back to the car and get the phone.If I had followed that prompting, I would have found the phone lying on top of the snow right next to the car. But I ignored it and we kept on walking. So then it snowed a lot while we were gone and we came back 2.5-3 hours later and I looked for the phone and it wasn't in the car. We spent like 20 minutes or something looking for the phone and we eventually found it buried in the snow next to the car. So that was awesome! But then we tried listening to a voice mail, and we couldn't hear anything! Everything else on the phone worked fine except for the ear piece. So then we went home and put the phone in a bag of rice while we shoveled for a bit. A guess what? The phone works like a champ again! So 2 lessons that I learned from this experience. 1) FOLLOW PROMPTINGS, even if they seem silly cause they could save you from digging in the snow and having to fix your phone haha! 2) If you phone is ever not working, put it in a bag of rice haha!

Then I had another sweet experience this week with following promptings. During my personal study one day I was thinking about our investigator, Ken, and what he needed to start progressing. And I felt like the lesson we planned wasn't right. So I started reading this really cool story in Preach my Gospel (page 113) on using the Book of Mormon. And then I read the section on The Book of Mormon Answers Questions of the Soul, and I felt so strongly that we needed to show Ken how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul. Only problem was I didn't know what his question of the soul was, so I didn't know what to prepare to read with him in our lesson. Sis. Keown and I talked about it and felt like we should just open to a random spot in the Book of Mormon and read with him. So that's what we did! Ken said the opening prayer and asked his question of the soul which was about forgiveness, and then we told him to open to a random page. He opened to Moroni 9 and we read 20-22 and it talks about how we can be forgiven and start new if we repent and return to Christ, so it was perfect! Then we read Alma 36, which is about Alma the younger's conversion story, and it was so perfect! We had such an awesome lesson with him and it was totally by the spirit! 

Then later that day we saw a less active couple, the Cambers, and we had no idea what to teach them! We felt like reading a devotional by Elder Bednar called "That We Might Not Shrink." But then we got to their house and a nonmember was there so we though we should teach the Restoration. But then we both felt like we should read the devotional with them, so that's what we did. I have no idea why we were supposed to read it, but it was perfect! The spirit was so strong and Sis. Camber asked for a copy of the devotional! Such a great lesson! Here's a link to watch or read the devotional. Please watch or read it cause it's pretty awesome! 

Heavenly Father definitely works in mysterious ways! We just need to trust Him enough to faithfully and confidently follow the promptings we receive! I have seen the blessings and the consequences from following and not following promptings and the blessings are so awesome! 

Shout out to my previous companion, Sis. Turley, who got engaged this week!!! She's getting married May 30th! Congratulations!!! 

I'm running out of time so I gotta go! But I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay tuned until next week to see where I'm getting transferred to and who my new companion is! Love you all!
Love, Sister Harper

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