Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello everyone!
Wow what a week it has been! The leaves are changing here and it's so beautiful! We'll be getting a lot of tourists soon to come see the leaves. They're called "leaf peepers" haha!
So on Friday we finally got to have a lesson with Ken! We taught the Restoration. He said that he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and he really likes the Book of Mormon, but doesn't know it it's true yet. But guess what? He committed to baptism! He was a little hesitant at first, but then he was like yeah that sounds like fun haha! But seriously he's so ready! He said that he's searching for truth and he can tell the Heavenly Father is preparing him for a new path in his life. This is it! We didn't commit him to a date, but we will this week when we teach him.

Then after Ken's lesson we walked back to the Park and Ride. We were talking with the member who came to Ken's lesson and then John came up to us! John works at a construction site by the Park and Ride and we gave him a Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago. He asked if we wanted the book back, because it had markings in it (we mark important verses in the Book of Mormons we hand out). We said no and that it was all his! He said that he really likes reading it, but it having a hard time understanding it. So we're going to see him tomorrow and read the Book of Mormon with him! Yay!

A new Mormon Message came out this week! I love Mormon Messages! Here's the link to the newest one.  This video reminds me a lot of Abinadi from the Book of Mormon. Abinadi was a prophet and missionary and he was teaching wicked King Noah and his court. But no one was interested. They didn't listen to Abinadi. Abinadi's investigator's killed him! I'm sure that Abinadi thought that he had failed and that he hadn't done enough. I know we all feel like that sometimes. But there was one person who listened to Abinadi. Alma. And Alma taught his friends and family what he had learned and all of the were converted and baptized! They were so converted that they left their city so that they could establish the church! And in the scriptures it says that 450 people went with Alma. And then think of how many people Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah influenced? That's a lot of people! And it all happened because of one person. Abinadi. He had a stronger effect on the people that he thought he did. And it is the same with us. I probably won't convert 450 people on my mission. But just talking to people and sharing the gospel with them can have a powerful effect. 

Saturday night was the General Women's Meeting and it was awesome! Sisters, if you weren't able to watch it, please find time to watch it! It was so good! I felt the spirit so strongly! President Uchtdorf gave a great talk! He talked about how we are all children of God. It's not a title that we earned or that will ever go away. We will always and forever be His sons and daughters. He also said that Heavenly Father is always pouring down blessings upon us. But sometimes we have an umbrella of guilt, sin, and sorrow that keep us from feeling those blessings. Another great quote was we need to place our selfish desires on the altar of service. Seriously I love service so much! And he also said that Heavenly Father loves you for the person you are today and the person you have the potential and desire to become. I love that! 

So something that Sis. Turley does is she says her nightly personal prayers vocally. When we first became companions I thought it was kinda weird, but whatever. Then this week she said Sis. Harper, I really want you to say vocal prayers for a week and see how you like it. I told her I'd give it a try and oh my goodness it's amazing! Praying vocally adds so much more meaning! When I do it, I can feel Heavenly Father so much closer to me! If you're looking for a way to increase your relationship with Heavenly Father or to make your prayers more meaningful, say vocal personal prayers! Yeah it's gonna feel weird at first, but then you're gonna feel awesome! 

This weekend is General Conference! I'm so excited! Everyone, please make conference a priority! Watch as many sessions as you can! And write down some spiritual questions that you have. Then pray and ask Heavenly Father those questions. Then watch conference and take notes! And I can promise you that your questions will be answered! Conference is so powerful! Two years ago, I knelt down and asked Heavenly Father what I should do in my life. My answer came with the age change for missionary service. I am serving a mission because of an answer I received during conference!  Conference is life changing! 

I think that's about it for this week. I hope you're all doing well! Please look for service and missionary opportunities! And keep studying the Book of Mormon! You will be so blessed! Love you all!

Love, Sister Harper

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